The message

The Ironman race features a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles of biking, and a full 26.2 mile marathon. all of which must be completed before midnight. Competing at this level requires tremendous dedication. Yet even with sufficient training, problems arise. Life on earth is a marathon race of Ironman proportions. In the same way, our strength is not enough to get to the finish line. Only God’s grace can bring salvation.

The Story

Ed Rusk realized the value of a relationship with God during an Ironman distance race in Penticton, Canada. He spent six months preparing for the event. He was ready to set a personal record. But halfway through the swim he started throwing up. Trying to persevere, Ed started the bike ride. But by mile twenty, things were even worse. He was ready to quit. Then, God stepped in.

Ironman | Ed Rusk

Ed Rusk is the CFO of Chattem Chemicals in Chattanooga, Tennessee and has been married to his wife, Britta, for 20 years. While he and his brother were fairly active during their childhood, their health began to decline as they got older due to a sedentary lifestyle. When his brother died in 2005, Ed realized he was headed in the same direction. The suddenness of his brother’s death led Ed to start training for triathlons as a way to improve his health and prolong his life. Over the following years, he trained and competed in over 50 events ranging from smaller triathlons to Ironman events. He is now in great health and continues to participate marathons and triathlons of all sizes.


Director | Nick Lindsay

Nick Lindsay started using the family camcorder to make short film at a young age, as well as actively participating in various sports. Nick passionately pursued athletics until he suffered an injury and was sidelined for an entire semester. This forced him to focus on his spiritual life rather than physical strength. As director of I Will Not Fear, Nick has seen the parallels between his own spirituality and the intense race for victory ironman athletes seek. Nick believes the opportunity to tell Ed Rusk’s story was given by God. “He has blessed us so far in so many ways that I have no doubt about the future of the film.”


Producer | Mark Comberiate

Passionate about visual design, Mark Comberiate found his place when he discovered he could use film as a platform to communicate inspiring messages to the world.

I Will Not Fear was a challenging but rewarding experience. As Producer, Mark was excited to assemble a team of talented artists; together they were able to create an inspiring film.

Many people are eager to spread a heavenly message, but do not know how to relate the Bible's wisdom to everyday life. Mark hopes that I Will Not Fear will “combine our spiritual journey with our physical journey in living a life of whole-body wellness.”


Cinematographer | Dillan Forsey

An avid runner and cyclist, Dillan Forsey was immediately interested in working on “I Will Not Fear.” Dillan grew up overseas with the opportunity to observe and document life from a unique point-of-view. At a young age he learned the importance of examining the world through different perspectives. This passion, to tell stories from unexpected vantage points, has led to notable achievements in producing and cinematography. I Will Not Fear has allowed him to explore new methods of photography and “reach an otherwise ignored audience of Christian athletes who see their endeavors as a form of communing with God.” He sees this project as a stepping-stone, providing him with valuable experience for work on future films.